Small Business Lawyers Offering Practical Legal Advice

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Small Business Lawyers Offering Practical Legal Advice

At Elevate Business Law, we are strategic, forward thinkers with over 13 years helping entrepreneurs and innovators navigate the ins and outs of business and technology law. We provide a range of services for clients owning and starting businesses throughout Florida. You can count on us when you simply need legal advice regarding the growth and moving parts of their business. Our process is simple. The team sets goals, plans, and executes as promised. Our focus is moving your company forward and helping you learn along the way. Whether you need us for a quick project or for ongoing advice and guidance, Elevate Business Law grows with you.

Unlike many large law firms, the size of the project does not affect our decision to help a client. We are dedicated to small businesses and reserve our resources to serve you exclusively. Our services are based on six core principles: Educate, Guide, Clarify, Solve, Counsel, and Empower. Schedule a free consultation to find out if we’d be the right fit for you.

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Owning Your Business

Buying a Business

Defining & Documenting


Regulatory Compliance

Relationships with Business Partners

Selling a Business

Starting a New Business

Structuring a Business

Growing Your Business

Acquiring Other Businesses to Expand in a Market

Contract Review & Drafting

Defining Employee and Independent Contractor Relationships

Entering into Agreements for Marketing & Developing Your Business

Forms for Sales of Products and Services

Negotiating Commercial Leases

Ongoing Advice & Guidance

Taking on Accredited Investors to Raise Capital

Technology Development & Licensing

Protecting Your Business

Claiming & Defining Your Brand (Trademarks)

Guarding Your Processes

Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

Making Appropriate Disclosures

Ongoing Advice & Guidance

Planning & Minimizing Business Risks

The Initial Consultation: What To Expect

The initial consultation with Elevate Business Law always involves you meeting with us and getting to know your team. In turn, we get to know your values, goals, and plans. Your business is completely individual so the initial consultation assists us in tailoring our legal recommendations to your specific needs. We gather information from our clients, advise them on making decisions, and set deadlines to accomplish collective goals. Simply put, we advise and support small businesses. Treat us as a resource, so your business is able to flourish.

Elevate Business Law serves as a resource so small businesses can flourish. Get help with business deals and growth moves. Book your consultation with us today so we can get started.

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Our Process

We can assist your business throughout every step of starting, growing, and protecting a business. During every project, we continuously update and communicate with our clients. This includes asking for your input, including you in decisions, and looping you in on our progress. Whether you realize it or not, the law is involved in everything that a business does. Let us serve your legal needs while you focus on growing your business.







Long Term Relationships Generate Results

Our business model is focused on generating long-term relationships with our small business clients. The law is complicated and businesses need customized legal services to address their particular circumstances. For this reason, we don’t rely on one-size-fits-all and form contracts or documents. We know what works for one business does not necessarily work for another. Want ongoing advice that is unique to your business?

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