Small Business Lawyers Can Help Grow Your Business


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Small Business Lawyers Can Help Grow Your Business

The law interacts with your business in so many ways, some you may not even be aware of. When growing your business, there are many different legal considerations. At various points along the life cycle of your business, you will need some legal help in putting together critical documents and procedures.

Here’s How We Can Help:

  • You should have customer contracts that accurately explain your obligations and protect your business. Setting out the details of who is going to do what by when is critical to having happy customers and getting paid.
  • When you hire a marketing firm or any type of business development consultant, you should make sure that you own any intellectual property that is created on your behalf.
  • Commercial leases are probably the most important contract a small business enters. It is likely the longest lasting and one of the highest costs for overhead in your business. Even more critical, most landlords require a personal guaranty on small business leases, so there is no protection from personal liability.
  • If you partner with other businesses on a joint project, be sure to get the arrangement in writing.
  • If you acquire another business to expand your market base, be sure you know what you’re buying. Sometimes legal issues aren’t obvious.
  • When you have employees or use independent contractors, be sure you understand the boundaries of those legal relationships and get the arrangement documented in writing.
  • If you develop technology for your business or an aspect of your business, be sure to get all of the critical legal terms in writing to transfer title to the technology to your business.

Contract Review & Drafting

Elevate Business Law offers contract review and drafting services. This is an essential legal service that every small business needs in order to grow effectively. Whenever you are presented with a contract for any type of service, vendor relationship, or short-term agreement, have an attorney review it prior to signing. Even if you fully trust the other party you are entering a contract agreement with, it is imperative to review every word of it. The right contract terms make all of the difference in a strong business relationship or a costly legal nightmare. We also draft contracts on behalf of our clients. The most common types of contracts we review or draft include:

Commercial Lease Agreements

Development Agreements

General Employment Contracts

Indemnity Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements

Licensing Agreements

Marketing Agreements

Noncompete Agreements

Nondisclosure Agreements

Operating Agreements

Property or Equipment Leases

Shareholder Agreements

Security Agreements

Vendor Agreements

Legal Representation in Negotiations

As you grow your small business, you will encounter situations where you need help with negotiations. Whether you are expanding into another market, acquiring more assets, or developing intellectual property, legal representation in negotiations can help you avoid common pitfalls. Through our experience, we can offer valuable insight on getting the best deal terms while minimizing your risk. Reach out to us to talk about your upcoming deal negotiations to see if we can help.

How We Work

As you strive to grow your business, Elevate Business Law helps you grow strategically. Our attorneys work with you on a project by project basis. This means you come to us with a legal concern, we create a plan, and our team works through it in stages. Our legal team always keeps you informed on the stages of your project so you always know what is happening while growing your business.

Elevate charges on a project by project basis so you know the cost of your project up front. We figure out how long the project will take and let you know the cost for the entire legal service. This means you never get surprised by a high rate or a project that costs more than expected. Feel free to email us with questions or call with concerns because our attorneys never bill for these communications.

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